Spring tutorial – Spring Dependency Injection

Spring Framework implements the Inversion of Control (IoC) principle. It’s also known as Dependency Injection (DI). It’s a process to define your beans and their injected dependencies.

The org.springframework.beans and org.springframework.context packages are the basis for Spring Framework’s IoC container. The BeanFactory is the lowest implementation of the IoC container; but it is recommended to use an ApplicationContext for your application. The ApplicationContext is a subclass of the BeanFactory interface so it has all the functionality a BeanFactory has and more.

There’s a couple of ways to implement ApplicationContext. We can use ClassPathXmlApplicationContext which is a very popular one.

Or annotation type

Dependency Injection exists in two major variants:

  • Constructor-based dependency injection
  • Setter-based dependency injection.

Spring beans in IoC container can be any plain old java object (POJO). To create spring bean; you simply:

  • Create a POJO
  • Declare a bean element in a Spring Bean Configuration File or annotate the POJO

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